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Cassie's Colorful Day

Cassie's Colorful Day

It's a special day for Cassie. Her daddy's taking her out for a surprise treat. As she gets dressed, she chooses many colorful items: her yellow-and-red polka-dot dress, purple shoes, a green pocketbook. What's the surprise? He's taking her to the ice cream parlor, with its blue and-orange sign. Cassie orders her favorite--a pink strawberry sundae!

Editorial Review From Parents' Choice®
Faith Ringgold maker her award-winning picture book, Tar Beach, accessible for the youngest readers. All of the things that brought the highest awards to Tar Beach have been incorporated into this delightful board book. Parents and children alike will enjoy the color, vibrancy, and the captivating design. A 2000 Parents' ChoiceĈ Recommended winner. Reviewed by Deborah Taylor, Parents' Choice® 2000

Cassie's Colorful Day
Crown Books for Young Readers, December 1999 (12 pages, Board Edition, $6.99)
Hardcover, ISBN: 0-517-80021-7
Juvenile Fiction - African American

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